Monday, December 31, 2012

A Little About The Whole Social Justice Angle

I think I'd mentioned this sometime before (and if I didn't, that's okay, because I'm mentioning it now), about how all profits I receive for sales of Imperfect will go to Love146.

There is a very good reason for this.

First off, it's has to do with a principle I have of wanting to keep my focus right. I wanted to give the first profits of my work on all this to a worthy cause, and one that correlated with the theme of the novel.  I did research on non-profits out there, trying to find such a cause.

A friend of mine let me know about Love146 and their mission to help people trapped in the slavery and trafficking industry that's running rampant around the world (despite the fact that this problem isn't well publicized). I did research on them at CharityNavigator, and they checked out as accountable and legitimate, so I chose them.

I tell people that choosing such an organization makes sense once you read the book. I do this partly to try and tease them into wanting to read it, but also because I don't like trying to boil down the message the story tries to deliver. Often, doing so feels awkward, as if I'm doing the message an injustice.

I will say, however, that the main character of Imperfect, Cass, would have been very happy to find out that such an organization existed in her world. There are many people in the real world that would share such a sentiment, so I'm going to take steps to help.

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