The Lower Knights

Lower Knights are human warriors that wear living armor.

Living armor is a suit of sentient metal that protects, strengthens, and accelerates the wearer.

The armor is platinum, and being a heavy, soft metal, it absorbs the energy from powerful blows and from gun shots.

The armor is powered by duedamus, a plasma-like fire that can quickly congeal into the armor’s metal to repair damage to the suit. It can also be used as a projectile itself (hence the lack of a need to carry guns).

In addition to being transformable between fire and metal, duedamus also can manifest in ways that mimic telekinesis.

The duedamus is stored within special perfect platinum spheres, metal crystals that form during special conditions around fire pillars called Elements (or Core Fires by non-Lower Knights).

Lower Knights believe the armor, duedamus, and Elements all are components of the consciousness of Chamanosh, or the Platinum Dragon, one of the "states" of the triune God they worship.

They’re called Lower Knights to differentiate themselves from Higher Knights, which are immortal servants of their God. It’s also to associate themselves with the Low King, called Shuanosh or the Black Dragon, who actually manifested as a human and taught people how to use living metals.