FADING CLOUD (taking place 7 years after IMPERFECT) will be a graphic novel that begins a new saga in the Lower Knights universe.

Whether she realizes it or not, 13 year old Kali wants to get back to the life her adoptive parents saved her from: helping take care of other abandoned children of prostitutes.
Unfortunately, her parents are the rulers of an empire falling part at the seams. Once the syndicate officer who used to own her finds out where she is, he sees her as an easy pawn in a power play he's been waiting years to act on.

Some of the details below are SPOILERS for IMPERFECT.

The Characters:

Kali is a 13 year old girl who wakes up to find herself kidnapped and drugged.  The drugs jumble her memory, making it difficult to figure out who’s telling her the truth and who’s trying to manipulate her.

Taken from “Kali” promotional art.  Pencil and Ink by Johnny B. Gerardy.  Color by Emily Bolles

With both a crime lord and the emperor of a corrupt empire claiming to be her father, she has no choice but to find her own truth about who she is.


Bo Kosh is the right hand man of the crime lord Karlis Dak Tain.  He sees the chaos all over the world that resulted from the Cloud Fade as a huge opportunity to gain power.  With his help, Karlis was able to take control of an entire city and bring it to viable order. He’s become restless, however, as Karlis has become more scrupulous in his later years.

Taken from “Bo Kosh” promotional art.  Pencil and Ink by Johnny B. Gerardy.  Color by Emily Bolles

Kali’s unique connections to both Karlis and the emperor make Bo see her as the key to him finding a chance to make a move.


Kwon, or Master Facilitator Stewart Hilton, is the emperor's problem-ender. He is the most powerful Lower Knight in the world, and may be the strongest to have ever lived. He is the one the emperor calls on to get Kali back.

original pencil by Andy Wright. Re-drawn and colored by MaryAnn Bubna


Sneak peek of page art: 

Thumbnail by Andy Wright. Sketching, ink, color, and lettering by Craig Deboard