Thursday, April 5, 2012

Alas! Life is rich and unpredictable and...strange.

Well, the Kickstarter didn't work out so well, but I did find out that I have a lot of people who really do believe in me, even to the point of being willing to promise large sums of money to support my efforts. So, in the failure there was something powerful gained.

Now, seasons have changed. I'm transitioning out of full time school to full time work. It's much harder to make time for creative endeavors, but that won't stop me. New seasons will still come. I know I'll find the time I need to finish the projects that I set my mind to. Imperfect will be publish ready someday. The FADING CLOUD graphic novel will be produced, and I believe soon. I'll continue to grow in my skills and in my network of contacts and friends who can help me (and who I can help in turn).

I may not post as much stuff on here as I was before (Well, I was still kind of patchy anyway) but this is only temporary. This season will end too. What's coming up soon, who knows? It could be nothing anyone could imagine.

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