Saturday, December 31, 2011

Breakdown of the Difference Between Science Fiction and Fantasy

This is something I threw together for fun. If you're a fan of these genres, you can probably relate:

Key Differences:

- Fantasy: Dark lord communicates with minions via a crystal ball.

- Sci-fi: The crystal ball has an on/off switch.


- Near-future sci-fi: The crystal ball has an on/off switch and can be plugged into a 120v AC power outlet.

- Steam punk: The crystal ball is mounted in a heavy, riveted, brass collar. It may or may not be powered by steam.

- Cyberpunk: The crystal ball has a jack that plugs into your brain.

- Magical realism: The dark lord's wife complains about how he never dusts the crystal ball and how he uses it to talk to his drinking buddies too much.

- Space opera: The crystal ball will be called an ansible, an FTL radio, or a subspace communication terminal.

- Supernatural romance/thriller: The crystal ball will be powered by teen angst.

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