Monday, December 5, 2011

Been a while . . .

Well, due to craziness of various sorts over the last three months, I haven't posted much here. That doesn't mean I haven't been doing stuff, though.

I completely re-did the cover artwork for IMPERFECT, using pen and ink instead of illustrator for the line artwork. I also worked on getting a better fall of the light and shadow on her face. I like it this way much more.

Here's a close-up of her face.


I've also been working on getting more prepared for my graphic novel METAL, though this has turned out to be a much more intimidating project than I envisioned.

Of course, that's actually not quite true. I didn't really envision anything, because I knew it was going to be a heck of a lot of insanity. Here's a simplified list of the things I need to learn HOW to do (before I was only worried about what I needed to DO):
- better mastery of faces, keeping faces of characters consistent between different drawings
- better understanding of how light falls on faces
- better mastery of the human form (This one's a huge issue)
- better understanding of cinematic composition, framing, angles, setting, posing, etc.
- better understanding of . . . everything.

So, yeah, it's crazy, but I'll do it!  Somehow . . .

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