Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's getting closer...

My artifact piece, "The Basics of Lower Knight Belief's and Practices," or "Kwon's Guide Book," for short, is getting closer to being done!  I think.  I have about five more pieces of artwork left to do, then I'll fine-tune some stuff, then it'll be done. 

Here's a shot of the title page:

These are all fake people, by the way (they exist in the Lower Knight stories). All the real credits and acknowledgements will go on the back cover, along with info about what Lower Knight fiction will be available in the near future. I'll probably put this up for sale on Lulu within the next month or so (unless something happens and I have to set this project on hold for some reason).

Actually, I just realized I have six pieces of art left, because I don't have the cover art done yet. Oh well. It'll get done. 

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